KHE LHD Greyhound Freecoaster adjustable

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The KHE Greyhound Freecoaster adjustable is a special high-end Freecoaster hub by KHE!

The Freecoaster has ACB bearings and owns a 14mm CrMo axle. Not to forget is the powerful shining anthracite colour and the KHEbikes logo onto it which supports the fact that the KHE "Greyhound" Freecoaster adjustable is convincing in all points.

  • LHD - LeftHandDrive (linksdrehend)
  • Colour: grey/anthracite
  • Material: aluminum
  • Bearing: ACB bearings
  • Axle lengt:175mm
  • Axle diameter: 14mm axle made of CrMo
  • Spoke holes: 36H
  • Weight: only 586g
  • Adjustable pedals
  • 9 teeth sprocket
  • Top KHEbikes product