Service Kit for Repairs, black (BDU2XX)

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Service Kit for Repairs, black (BDU2XX)

  • Spare parts kit for the repair of second generation drive units for eliminating damage to the right hand bottom bracket
  • Contains: Cover (incl. seal, bearing, freewheel) drive gear, gear grease, cover screws, bearing pin with rubber collared bush and protective disc, repair instructions
  • The bearing with bearing protection ring and bearing protection grease is pre-assembled
  • The repair can only be carried out by qualified specialist personnel
  • Hence, the repair kit must not be supplied to end users
  • Technical instruction for the repair takes place at the Bosch eBike dealer training for model year 2019
  • In addition, a corresponding training video is available on the


The drive unit is not allowed to be repaired if any of the following part numbers applies:

→ The drive unit has one of the part numbers below:

0 275 007 020
0 275 007 021
0 275 007 022
0 275 007 023
0 275 007 024
0 275 007 025
0 275 007 342
→ If the eBike has a back-pedal brake.

Product line compatibility Active Line (BDU2XX)
Performance Line CX (BDU2XX)
Performance Line (BDU2XX)