ABSOLUTE 5-110 110cm

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The AXA Absolute 5-110 is a chain lock for everyday use, perfect for short to mid-term parking or for use as a secondary bike lock. An integrated lock housing with automatic click-in means there's no need to turn the key to close the lock.

The cylinder is protected with a key cover, protecting it from moisture and dirt, hence increasing the durability of the lock. A strong polyester sleeve ensures your bike is not damaged whilst using the lock either.

Lost your key? Not a problem. The international online key service offers you the opportunity to order a spare key at any time.

  • Safety Index: 7
  • Chain Length: 110 cm
  • Link Diameter: 5 mm
  • 2 keys
  • Hardened steel chain
  • Strong polyester sleeve to prevend damage
  • Integrated lock housing with automatic click
  • Keycover to protect from moist and dirt
  • International online key service
  • Stainless steel details