RESOLUTE 15-180 180cm

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The AXA Resolute 15-180 is a cable lock for everyday use, perfect for short to mid-term parking or for use as a secondary bike lock. An integrated lock housing with automatic click-in means there's no need to turn the key to close the lock.

The Resolute is very user friendly as you do not have to turn the key to lock the cable. It can easily be stored with the included frame holder. This frame holder is universal and fits all other Resolute cables so switching locks is easy.

The keys of the Resolute are symmetrical, so you can open your lock from any position. Lost your key? Not a problem. AXA’s international online key service means you can order a spare key at any time.

AXA Resolute locks are easily recognized by their sophisticated stainless-steel details and luxurious mat finish of the cable cover. The cylinder is protected from moist and dirt by an automatic key cover.

  • Safety Index: 6
  • Cable Length: 180 cm
  • Cable Diameter: 15 mm
  • Automatic locking
  • Symmetrical key for easy opening
  • Automatic key cover against moist and dirt
  • International online key service
  • Universal bracket for easy storage
  • Luxurious stainless-steel details and mat finish cable cover