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With the Basil Davos wicker basket, you can add a stylish and practical flourish to your bike frame. This rectangular basket has a natural lacquered finish and fits almost any bike with ease. The double hooks make it easy to attach it to the handlebars of your bike or at the rear atop the luggage carrier. Furthermore, the basket is easy to remove from your bike once you've arrived at your destination, meaning you can take it with you anywhere. Ideal for trips to the store or market when you're in need of a handy shopper. In fact, this versatile basket is incredibly convenient for all manner of occasions. Be sure to browse our other ranges of bicycle accessories, with an extensive selection of bicycle bags, baskets and decorative items for you to consider. Whatever you decide to order, you can always count on the very in quality from Basil.

  • The Basil Davos can be attached to the handlebars or luggage carrier with ease thanks to the double hooks.
  • The mesh rattan construction and natural lacquered finish makes this a stylish option.
  • Includes a convenient carry handle.