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The Basil Front carrier is a large and strong front carrier, perfect for a men's or women's bicycle. It is an accessory that works well on a city bicycle. Your bicycle crate will fit on this front carrier rack which has a maximum load capacity of 10 kilos. The rack is indispensible when transporting a heavy bag full of groceries or sports gear. The front carrier, which is available in black, is equipped with MIK profiles, so that you can simply click a Basil bicycle crate onto your front carrier and remove it just as easily. The front carrier has brackets for mounting on the front axle, so it cannot be combined with sprung front forks: rather, simply attach the front carrier to the handlebars of your bicycle. It comes with two handlebar hooks, suitable for a diameter of 21 to 31.8 millimetres. In addition, the front carrier is easy to adjust and has a mounting for a bicycle lamp. 


  • Use the front carrier with a trendy Basil crate
  • Includes mounting kit
  • Mounting for bicycle lamp
  • 40 cm x 28 cm x 96 cm