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The Basil Pasja animal basket is a hard-wearing wicker basket suitable for smaller dogs and boasts a beautiful finish. Easily attached to your luggage carrier, you'll be able to take your favourite four-legged friend everywhere with you. This compact bicycle basket is an ideal choice if you're heading to the vet with your pooch, or simply want your pet to keep your company on long rides in the country. The Basil Pasja animal basket is the medium size variant of this range at 45cm. Easily detachable with a universal clamp closure, this fastening system is suitable for many luggage carriers and tubing of varying thicknesses of 6-20mm. When the cycling is over, this also serves as a classic basket in its own right. Recommended for pet owners, take your pick from other stylish designs from the Basil collection.

  • Animal basket with universal Senna clamp closure.
  • Convenient openings allow for safety and security during your trip.
  • With the Senna clamp, you can easily attach your basket to your luggage carrier.
  • The Basil Pasja animal basket is a wicker basket for easy transportation of your four-legged friend.