Box Two M30 P Crankset 30mm Silver 177.5mm

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"Box Two M30-P cranks have a super-stiff, cold-forged, 30-millimeter, 7075 aluminum alloy, Praxis M30 spindle that fits frames with European bottom brackets, paired with the same oversized, hollow-forged arms and 104 BCD spider as our Box One M35 cranks. An independent test lab compared a wide range of cranks to both the Box One M35 and Box Two M30-P cranks. Both systems proved to be stiffer than anything on the market, with the M35's coming in at about 10 percent stronger than the M30-P's.

Each crankset includes a Praxis M30-BSA Threaded Bottom Bracket that is compatible with all European style bottom brackets. BB86 or BB30/PF30 compatible adapters can be purchased separately from Praxis