TECHTRON Elite 3500 Electric Scooter - (electric scooter)

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Sleek, practical, and powerful, the techtron® Elite 3500 is our most popular electric scooter. It features a convenient, handlebar braking system - like those you would find on a bike, rear suspension, and 10" anti-skid tyres for a more comfortable ride.

The Elite 3500 also features a unique LCD front panel, LED lights that combines functionality with design.

Technical Details

Max Speed 25 km/h
Max Distance From 0 to 30 km
Motor Power 350 W (Avg) 700 W (Peak)
Speed Modes 3
Cruise Control Yes
Charging Time 5-6 Hours
Battery Capacity 37V 10Ah
Water Resistance                                  IPX4
Suspension Rear
Wheel Type Puncture Proof Honeycomb, Anti-Skid
Wheel Size 10" / 25.4cm
Hill Incline 15%


Drive Type Front Wheel Drive
Brakes System E-ABS Front Brake / Rear Disc Brake
Kick Stand Yes
Accelerator Control                                         Thumb Press
Brake Control Lever
Handlebar Grips Rubber
Front Light LED
Rear Light LED
Reflectors Yes
Bell Mechanical
Mudguards Yes
Glow in the Dark Yes

App Yes
App Name techtron®
Compatibility     iOS, Android


  • Note: powered transporters are subject to legal restrictions on their use. It is the rider's responsibility to use powered transporters safely and in permitted areas in accordance with current rules and laws.
  • Important note about battery range or duration on all of the electric battery powered products available to purchase at Scuff Wheels: due to the nature of battery power storage technologies and associated physical limits and constraints the estimated range or duration of batteries is, in all circumstances, to be considered as an approximate indicative estimated value, (depending on ambient temperature and working conditions) and always intended to be from 0 up to the maximum achievable in testing condition as stated by the manufacturer.