PowerTube Y cable 950 mm (BCH267)

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PowerTube Y cable 950 mm (BCH267)


  • Power supply and CAN for:
  • Anti-lock braking system, eShift (Rohloff, Shimano, SRAM and Nuvinci H|sync N380)

Compatible with


Cable length 950 mm
Product line compatibility Active Line Plus (BDU3XX)
Active Line (BDU3XX)
Perform. Line Speed (BDU4XX)
Performance Line (BDU3XX)
Perf/Cargo/CX/Speed (BDU4XX)
Active Line (BDU2XX)
Performance Line CX (BDU2XX)
Performance Line (BDU2XX)
PU 1
Cable designaton Y-cable
Battery cable