COBI.Bike Standard Battery for standard bikes

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COBI.Bike Standard Battery

for standard bikes


The battery pack is placed in the central hub of the COBI.Bike system for the regular bikes. It is the central energy storage for the smartphone charging function, the front light and the integrated bell. It is possible to charge it using the provided USB cable from any standard USB port.
The 2nd generation of the Battery Pack has the same dimensions as the original one. It lasts 20% longer, and charges almost twice as fast. In addition, it is compatible with the COBI.Bike Dynamo Cable, which allows the continuous charging of the battery pack.
Battery type: Lithium-Ion
Watt-hour: 25.2 Wh (2 cells with 3500 mAh)
Typical operating time: 4-10 hrs.
Charging: Micro-USB or Dynamo Cable
Weight: 130 g
Expected Charging Time: <= 7h (@1A)
Charging Methods: Micro USB or Dynamo Cable via Hub
Dimensions: 73 x 42 x 38 mm (WxHxD)
Expected Lifetime: > 2 years