MIRANDA Delta Double Diamond crank set, 170 mm, Q: 16, for ISIS standard (Classic+, BDU2XX, BDU4XX)

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MIRANDA Delta Double Diamond crank set

170 mm, Q: 16 for ISIS standard (Classic+, BDU2XX, BDU4XX)


The Double Diamant finish combines a scratched surface with a frontal machined one that is smooth and shiny.
The combination of these 2 different textures gives a sophisticated and technical look to the crank arm and also enhances its distinct design outlines.
The cold-forging process used by Miranda, the high-quality aluminium and a process that allows to eliminate the weak spots and distribute the applied
loads in an integrated way is what makes Delta Double Diamant crank highly resistant to fatigue and high impact tensions.

Technical details:

  • compatible with product line:

Classic+ Line - the M12 screws (art.: 2100706) have to be ordered additionally
Active Line (BDU2XX)
Performance Line (BDU2XX)
Performance Line CX (BDU2XX)
Cargo Line Cruise (BDU450 CX)
Cargo Line Speed (BDU490 P)
Performance Line Speed (BDU490P)
Performance Line CX (BDU450 CX)

  • ISIS Standard
  • lenght: 170 mm
  • Q-Factor: 16
  • material: cold forged aluminium
  • weight: 621 g
  • color: black


Scope of delivery: 2 cranks, 2x  M15 screws