MIRANDA Delta Plus crank set, 170 mm, Q: 16, for ISIS standard (Classic+, BDU2XX, BDU4XX)

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MIRANDA Delta Plus crank set

170 mm, Q: 16 for ISIS standard (Classic+, BDU2XX, BDU4XX)


MIRANDA DELTA PLUS is the sophisticated version of an internationally awarded crank.
The finish in a varnished machined layer coupled with a premium painted one, gives to these cranks of dual layer a sporty look and a high level of distinction.

Technical details:

  • compatible with product line:

Classic+ Line - here the M12 screw (art.: 2100706) have to be ordered additionally
Active Line (BDU2XX)
Performance Line (BDU2XX)
Performance Line CX (BDU2XX)
Cargo Line Cruise (BDU450 CX)
Cargo Line Speed (BDU490 P)
Performance Line Speed (BDU490P)
Performance Line CX (BDU450 CX)

  • ISIS Standard
  • lenght: 170 mm
  • Q-Factor: 16
  • material: cold forged aluminium
  • weight: 619 g
  • color: silver, black
PU Set
Crank length 170 mm
Color Silver
Compatibility Classic+ Line
Performance Line CX
Active Line (BDU2XX)
Performance Line Speed
Performance Line Cruise