HS33 black, 4-finger lever blade

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Our unbeatable classic. The MAGURA top model of the carefree family scores with sheer reliability and offers increased braking power and low weight.


  • Huge braking power for rim brakes -The HS33 is the top model among MAGURA’s hydraulic rim brakes. The Carbotecture housing lowers the total weight of the brake, while the radial design is space-saving, providing a real braking feel.
    Equipped with automatic pad adjustment, the HS33 is a truly care-free brake thanks to the environmentally-friendly Royal Blood mineral oil.


  • Superior braking power - The HS33 is ready for any outrageous rides you care to throw at it!
    Superior braking power and the best possible modulation make the HS33 the perfect choice for any terrain. In the city, on trekking tours and trails, the HS33 gives you enough reserves to bring the bike safely to a standstill – in ANY situation.


Tubing length: 2,000 mm
Weight: 480 g
Material housing: Carbotecture®
Lever blade: 4-finger, Aluminium
Reach Adjust: T25 tool
Pad wear adjustment: TPA
Mounting: Cantilever EVO2
Color: black
Scope of delivery: 1 single brake incl. manual and small parts bag