Master HS33e, opener, silver, 4-finger aluminum lever blade with ball-end

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  • 4-finger black aluminium lever blade with ball-end
  • Color: silver
  • HIGO-Opener
  • NC
  • 150 mm hose length
  • Incl. sleeve nut and olive 

Scope of delivery: 1 piece

Brake type Rim brakes
Mounting area Master
Lever blade type 4-finger lever blade ball-end
Material of lever blade Aluminium
PU 1
Material housing Carbotecture®
Brake compatibility HS33 R
HS33e HIGO opener
Reach Adjust T25 tool
Gearshift compatibility Shimano I-Spec I+II
SRAM Trigger
Flip Flop Yes
Model year 2014
Color Silver