MT8 SL FM, 1-finger HC-Carbon lever blade

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The performance lightweight with flatmount mounting standard


With the MT8 SL FM, ambitious cross-country racers can brake right when they want to – at the last moment. The MT8 SL FM accommodates brake discs up to 160 mm, making it just as powerful and wear-resistant as the MT8 SL, on which it is based.


  • CARBOTECTURE SL® FM - Developed for racing: Thanks to the Carbotecture SL® brake master and the 1-finger carbon HC lever blade, the MT 8 SL FM is a real lightweight. Carbotecture SL® is a composite material that is not only light but also extremely resistant thanks to its embedded carbon fibres.


  • 1–FINGER HC CARBON LEVER BLADE - The popular 1-finger HC carbon lever blade is used on the MT8 SL FM ex works. It’s lighter and stiffer than its aluminium counterpart, enabling you to get maximum performance out of your bike.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT PERFORMANCE - The 2-piston calliper of the MT8 SL is forged from one single piece. The result? Despite its outrageously low weight, the MT8 offers the highest braking power and stability of the 2-piston family.


  • FLATMOUNT -  Many mountain bike frames offer little space in the rear frame triangle – and that’s why the flatmount standard is used. No matter which frame you drive or will drive – the MT8 SL won’t let you down.


Model year: 2019
Tubing length: 2,200 mm
Weight: 185 g
Material housing: Carbotecture SL®
Reach Adjust: 3 mm allen key
Color: master black, lever carbon, caliper black
Accent color: neon yellow
Recommended rotor: Storm SL.2 160 mm (MT8 SL FM is compatible with Storm HC / CL, MDR-C / -CL rotors)
Scope of delivery: single brake incl. accessories


Mounting type Flatmount
Application Cross Country
Mounting site Rear wheel
Brake type Disc brakes
Lever blade type 1-finger HC lever blade
Tubing connection Rotatable tube connection
Brake pad type 7.P
Material of lever blade Carbolay®
PU 1
Ratio Adjust No
Material housing Carbotecture SL®
Reach Adjust 3 mm allen key
Gearshift compatibility Shimano I-Spec I+II
SRAM Trigger
Flip Flop Yes
Tubing length 2,200 mm
Model year 2019
Pistons 2 pistons
Weight 185 g
Color Black
Neon yellow