AmbiSense Front Light kit for COBI.Bike (offroad)* for all COBI.Bike hubs

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AmbiSense Front Light kit for COBI.Bike (offroad)*

for all COBI.Bike hubs


(offroad) In Germany only approved for use on private property and not permitted in public traffic.

  • Not approved in Europe in conjunction with speed variants (45 km/h)


The COBI.Bike AmbiSense Front Light is one of the flattest and brightest bicycle lights on the market. The always easily visible daytime running light makes it a striking eye-catcher. With this retrofit front light, you can now also ride your favorite routes on your COBI.Bike sport in the dark. Thanks to the AmbiSense technology, it works entirely automatically and switches on as soon as it gets dark. If you ever need an extra-powerful headlight, you can activate the maximum brightness of up to 70 Lux in the-full beam mode. The easiest way to do this is to hold the top button (+) of the thumb controller. Ride in style and safely during the day thanks to the unmistakable daytime running light. The off-road version of the front light gives you the distinctive daytime running light design regardless of the operation of the main reflector. (Operation of this version of the light in Germany is only permitted off public roads or on private property – outside of the applicable area of StVZO).
Light source: 1 main LED (OSRAM) + 2x6 LEDs for the daytime running light
Brightness: up to 70 Lux / 250 lumens (warm)
Light modes: auto, low beam, full beam + daytime running light
Light intelligence: Automatic mode
Adjustable angle: Yes