COBI.Bike Dynamo Cable Adapter for standard bikes

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COBI.Bike Dynamo Cable Adapter

for standard bikes


The dynamo cable extends the systems running-time (including phone charging and the front light) by continuously charging the battery pack*, which is used as a buffer battery while riding. It connects a standardized wheel hub dynamo with the COBI.Bike system. The dynamo cable is easily mounted in less than 5 minutes using an allen key 6 screwdriver**.
* compatible only with the 2nd generation of the COBI.Bike Battery Pack
** not included in the delivery
  • Not approved in Europe in conjunction with speed variants (45 km/h)
  • Voltage Input: 60 VAC max
  • Current Input: 0.5A max
  • Voltage Output: 0 - 12V
  • Current Output: 0.5A max
  • Conversion Efficiency: > 80%
Product line compatibility Active Line Plus (BDU3XX)
Active Line (BDU3XX)
Performance Line Speed(BDU4XX)
Performance Line (BDU3XX)
Cargo Line / Speed (BDU4XX)
Active Line (BDU2XX)
Performance Line CX (BDU2XX)
Performance Line (BDU2XX)
PU 1