KHEbikes MAC2+ 20" x 2.3" Street Park BMX folding Tyre lightweight

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Foldable Tyre, consisting of kevlar which makes it extrem lightweight.

The MAC Tyre is the “WORLD's First Freestyle Folding Tyre”!
This is not just a new Tyre like all the others, this one changes the weight of the complete bike dramatically because it's less rotating mass at the end of the frame and at the same time it strengthens a lot by using Kevlar material. Most Tyres blow up under big pressure and they get biger than labelled. The Kevlar strips hold everything in original shape and make the Tyre really, really light. This new Tyre is made of hard rubber and holds up to 120psi.

Physical effect of less mass: Because the wheel is rotating while driving its mass has a mass moment of inertia and so an angular momentum. If you then move against the originally position the wheel its "resisting" against the movement ( force you feel if you move a spinning wheel, try it!;). Because of that, less weight in the wheels result in a lighter movement of the bike, which is especially important for tricks, where the BMX gets moved a lot.



  • KHE MAC2+ Park Tyre
  • Colour: black
  • Tyre size: 20" 
  • Tyre width: 2,30"
  • MAX 8 bar / 120 PSI
  • Weight: ca 360g
  • High End product by KHE
  • Perfect for riding Park and Street