KHE MAC2+ PARK/STREET 20"x 2.30" BMX Tyre

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High-quality BMX Park / Street Tyre and one of the lightest of its kind!

While developing this MAC2+ Tyre we payed attention to create a top Tyre for a low price. With the steelband its the cheaper alternative to the foldable Tyres, but still very good. The KHE MAC2+ is one of the lightest Tyre in its class and convinces with high grip and its smooth running.

Physical effect of less mass: Because the wheel is rotating while driving its mass has a mass moment of inertia and so an angular momentum. If you then move against the originally position the wheel its "resisting" against the movement ( force you feel if you move a spinning wheel, try it!;). Because of that, less weight in the wheels result in a lighter movement of the bike, which is especially important for tricks, where the BMX gets moved a lot.


  • KHE MAC2+ Tyre
  • For Park / Street riding
  • Special Street tread for more grip
  • Steel beaded
  • Improved traction
  • Special durable compound
  • Tyre size: 20" 
  • Tyre width: 2,3"
  • MAX 6 bar
  • Weight: 550 g
  • Colour: grey/black

  Important: The picture shows the Tyre with a rim & tube. Rim & tube not included.