KHE MAC2+ PROOF 20" x 2,30" - E4

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→ Lightweight KHE BMX tire with a special layer preventing flat tires!
We are proud to introduce you our unique puncture proof tire. This tire is perfect for Street riding, cause of the integrated puncture proof layer and stronger side walls.
With this tire you have less problems with flat tires while riding street.

Physical effect of less mass: Because the wheel is rotating while driving its mass has a mass moment of inertia and so an angular momentum. If you then move against the originally position the wheel its "resisting" against the movement ( force you feel if you move a spinning wheel, try it!;). Because of that, less weight in the wheels result in a lighter movement of the bike, which is especially important for tricks, where the BMX gets moved a lot.



  • KHEbikes MAC2 Proof
  • Tire size: 20" 
  • Tire width: 2,30"
  • MAX 8 bar (120PSI)
  • Steel beaded
  • Unique integrated puncture proof layer
  • Special durable compound
  • Stronger side walls
  • Long life tire
  • Tan wall
  • Weight: only 570 g
  • Designed in Germany!

Important: The picture shows the tire with a rim & tube. Rim & tube not included.