KENDA K1040 20" x 2,25" BMX Tyre Black

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Black KENDA BMX Tyre original by KHE! The Tyre has the dimensions 20"x2,25".

This stable steal-beaded Tyre from the brand Kenda offers you a top price-perfomance ratio.

The Tyre is 2,25" wide and thus bigger than the other Kenda Tyres we offer.

The Tyre comes in a black colour.


  • Colour: black
  • Size of the Tyre: 20"
  • Width of the Tyre: 2,25"
  • Brand: KENDA
  • Weight: ca 826g
  • Type: steal-beaded Tyre

We offer this kind of Tyre in many various colours. If simple or fancy, we have the perfect colour for your bike!