KHE washer for pegs 10mm

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High quality aluminium KHE washers for 10mm axles.

→ These washers have a long history. They are one of the first KHE products that came on the market almost 30 years ago. The special thing about them is that these washers from 1988 are still in their original packaging! You can use them as normal washers or extend the pegs by 5mm.



  • Brand: KHE
  • Original KHE Washers from the 80s!
  • Material: 7005 Aluminium
  • Height: 5mm
  • Outer diameter: 40mm
  • Colour: silver
  • Weight: only 33g
  • Original KHE key sticker (first KHE logo) is included in the package (has signs of age)
  • Fits 10mm axles
  • Made in Germany
  • Absolute rarity!