SunRims "4play" Frontwheel 48H with KHE "Hure" - E2

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→Durable SunRims BMX frontwheel with the copper 14mm KHE "Hure" hub.

This frontwheel is due to the technologically advanced components and the 48 spokes very robust. The SunRims "4play" rim is a double-chamber rim and thus very stable. Furthermore guarantees the hollow 14mm KHE "Hure" hub a maximum of lightness combined with high stability.


  • SunRims "4play" frontwheel
  • Colour: chrome / silver
  • Hub: 14mm KHE  "Geisha" hub in copper colour
  • 48 spokes
  • 20"
  • SunRims "4play" rim
  • Weight: 1262g
  • Full sealed bearing