BMX chain KHE Halflink

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The KHE Halflink BMX chain has a special design where each link protects the next. Made by KMC!

→ This BMX chain is extremely stable due to the special links. When grinding, each link always protects the other link and thus cannot easily come loose. The half links also help an optimal adjustment of the rear wheel, as otherwise you always had to remove two links to shorten the chain. This is especially helpful with short frame dropouts. This Halflink chain looks very good on BMX bikes and is also used on many fixie bikes.



  • Brand: KHE / KMC
  • Dimension: 1/2" x 1/8" inch
  • Material: High-strength HiTen steel
  • Weight: only 360g
  • Length: 100 links (left)
  • Colour: silver chrome
  • Comes with locking pin
  • Top BMX product!