KHE MVP "BIG400" Rim

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→ As with all KHE products, stability and weight come first. Our new BIG400 rim has a V-shape and is therefore very torsion-resistant. The rim has a width of 35mm with 36 spoke holes. It is made of 6061 T6 aluminium. The weight is only about 400g. Hence its name BIG400.



  • Brand: KHE MVP
  • Model: BIG400
  • Size: 20" inch
  • Dimensions: 35mm wide (inner jaw width 28mm)
  • Height: 17,5mm
  • Number of holes: 36 holes
  • Material: 6061 T6 aluminium
  • Weight: only 400g
  • For Schrader/ car valves
  • Colour: black powder coated
  • Rim pinned
  • Top product from KHE!