BMX tube KHE Kenda Twiggy 20 inch Super Lite

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Very lightweight KHE BMX tube, which has with only 108g a low rotation mass.

Tubes are a great possibility to make your BMX feel more lightweight. Because the wheel is rotating while driving its mass has a mass moment of inertia and so an angular momentum. If you then move the wheel its "resisting" against the movement ( force you feel if you move a spinning wheel, try it!;). Because of that less weight in the wheels result in a lighter movement of the bike. An average BMX tube weighs 250g, the Twiggy tube weighs only the half. You can especially feel this weight saving while jumps .


  • KHE "Twiggy" Plus by KENDA
  • Fix from 1.5" to 2.4" into several tires
  • Weight: 108g
  • Size: 20"
  • With AV (Schrader Valve)
  • High End product of KHE!