Mafiabikes Lucky 6 STB STREET TERRAIN BIKE Wheelie Bike (New Colours Available re-stock Summer 2021)

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  • TT (A) 611mm
  • CS (B) 435mm
  • HT (C) 69˚
  • ST (D) 71˚
  • BB (E) - 36mm
  • SO (F) 404 mm
  • Hydroformed and heat treated 6061 alloy tubing
  • Forged Mafia designed yoke for big tyre clearance
  • Tapered Headtube
  • BARS
  • H : 70mm (G)
  • W: 711mm (H)
  • 31.8mm Clamp
  • Alloy
  • 120mm Travel
  • Adjustable preload
  • Spring fork
  • HEADSET Sealed integrated
    STEM Forged/ CNC alloy short reach stem
    GRIPS Lucky 6 grips
    PEDALS Alloy
    SEAT Mafia suede wheelie seat w/ micro adjust seatpost and QR clamp
    SPROCKET CNC machined 7075 sprocket w/ thick thin teeth for optimal chain retention
    BRAKE Tektro Hydraulic disc brake front and rear
    FRONT HUB Quick release front hub
    REAR MECH Microshift XLE
    RIMS Super wide double wall
    REAR HUB Solid axle alloy rear hub w/ 10 speed cassette (11-42t)
    CRANKS Samox cranks w/ Hollotech BB
    HEADTUBE Taper headtube with sealed bearings
    TYRES Lagos 2.5 snakeskin tyres
    GEARING Microshift XLE 10 speed (11-42)
    WEIGHT (LBS) 37.0000
  • TT: 611 (A)
  • CS: 435 (B)
  • HT: 69˚ (C)
  • ST: 71˚ (D)
  • BB: -36 (E)
  • SO:404.7 (F)
  • Hydroformed and heat treated 6061 alloy tubing
  • Forged Mafia designed yoke for big tyre clearance
  • Tapered Headtube


    Two years in the making and we are finally happy with our first ever MTB designed for street use, coining the genre STB (Street Terrain Bike). A signature design for pro wheelie-rider and scene OG @nl.kizzy who was instrumental in the design from start to finish.

    The MTB has always been @nl.kizzy ‘s wheelie weapon of choice and he wanted his signature bike to be better than any other wheelie bike out there. Perfection takes time, no compromises were allowed. Designed from the ground up as a brand-new bike, no off-the-shelf frame parts, all bespoke, painstakingly modelled on Solidworks, prototyped, tooled, hydroformed and perfected on the streets. No pointless frills, bosses, gussets.

    Only clean lines, perfect welds and geometry, carefully selected and proven to do the business. This is no MTB, this is the Lucky6 STB, designed for high-speed street terrain on the back wheel.

    Why not add the NLK upgrade kit for further wheelie enhancements and a seat upgrade?

    Available in frame size 16” and 18”

    Key Riding features:

    Designed by riders, for riders
    Lightweight construction for ultimate control
    clean lines and easy to customise
    10 gears, carefully selected for all riding conditions
    Mafiabikes suede wheelie seat with quick release (quick height change for all conditions)
    Solid rear axle for easy peg installation
    Bullet proof drive-train for extended riding sessions (day after day)
    Exaggerated outboard chainstays for easy foot placement (frame work)
    Lagos snakeskin tyres – designed for swerving with more aggressive tread the further you lean - weighted for combo tricks

    Peg ready solid rear axle