Pre-order Jorvik Low Step Through Electric Mountain Trike JMT6 (250W) ETA TBC

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With the new Jorvik low step through trike, our off road range is even more accessible than ever. With its low step through frame, easily slide onto the seat and explore to your hearts content. Built with the same outstanding quality and go anywhere mentality of all our Mountain Trike range.



New to Market - The Jorvik JMT6 Low Stepper

Not only do you get the ride quality and superb engineering of all our JMT Fat Tyre range, we’ve also spared no expense on upgrading the specification, such as:

  • Rear differential for safer and sharper cornering
  • Hydraulic disc brakes - for the ultimate stopping power
  • BAFANG 250W & 500W motors
  • Hydraulic suspension, improving ride quality & performance
  • Kenda anti-puncture 20” tyres, dramatically reducing the chances of an unwanted puncture
  • 15.6 AH Samsung cell battery as standard
  • 7 speed Shimano Nexus Hub Gears (no derailleur) meaning there is 0% chance of a derailleur being hit by rocks while on your adventures unlike other fat tyre trikes
  • Low step through frame. Mounting your trike has never been easier, at a low step through height of 37cm, you’ll glide onto your seat with ease. Simply step over the low crossbar and with both feet on the floor, perch your bum on the seat. It’s as easy as that!

These are just a few reasons why this model is superior to our competitors!

Jorvik tricycles, suppliers of the original, highest specification fat tyre trikes on the market.

250W models are EAPC regulated and legal to use without registration, road tax, a license, or insurance. Available in a range of striking colours.



JMT model Trikes will be delivered 90% assembled. Please see terms & conditions (1.9) for further information.

*Rear cargo bag not included



  • Aluminium Frame
  • Front and rear basket
  • Kenda 20 x 4 inch anti puncture tyres with silver reflector line
  • 48V 250 or 500 Watt Bafang motor
  • 48V 15.6Ah Samsung Cell Lithium battery
  • Jorvik Tricycles C961 LCD display
  • Charger: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Charge time: 6 to 8 hours
  • RST hydraulic front suspension
  • Shimano NEXUS 7 speed hub gears (no derailleur)
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with three-wheel disc & parking brake
  • Promax handle bar stem
  • Promax aluminium alloy curved handlebars
  • Promax aluminium suspension quick release seat post
  • 750mm rear wheel width
  • Rear Axon U-MOUTH differential
  • Front and rear colour coded mudguards
  • Maximum speed: 15.5mph (250W) / 25mph (500W)
  • Maximum range electric only: 35 miles (250W) / 31 miles (500W)
  • Maximum range pedal assist: 45 miles (250W) / 40 miles (500W)



F: 20" Wheel R: 20" Wheel
Length 185cm
Length with front wheel turned 165cm
Floor to stepover height 37cm
Width of back wheels 75cm
Floor to seat at lowest point 87cm
Floor to seat at highest point 104cm
Floor to handlebars at lowest point 103cm
Floor to handlebars at highest point 113cm
Floor to top of the headtube 82cm
Bottom of forks to top of headtube (with wheel removed) 60cm
Weight 43kg
Maximum user weight 133kg
Maximum speed 15.5mph (250w) / 25mph (500w)
Maximum range (approx) 45 miles (250w) / 40 miles (500w)


Why Electric:

Electric tricycles are popular with those who want to get outdoors and cycle but may need a helping hand. Whether it's down to age, injury, fitness, physical limitations, or simply personal preference.

Working the same as their non-electric counterparts with the addition of a battery and electric motor to get you moving.

Do your bit for the environment

Feel the benefits of a healthy body and a happy mind. Electric tricycles cost pennies to recharge and can even replace your car. Saving money on fuel, insurance, road tax, and other expensive running costs.

Power is delivered via a Pedal Assist System. Here's how it works:

Pedal Assist Systems (PAS):

Simply apply pressure to the pedals and the electric motor will kick in and do the hard work for you. Driving the front hub wheel motor. You can adjust the PAS to tackle steep hills with ease and lower the assistance as your fitness improves. At which point the tricycle works in the same way as a non-electric model.

Walk mode:

Thumb throttle walk mode allows you to cruise along at a slow walking pace while seated on the tricycle, all without pedalling. Walk mode is perfect for giving your legs a break on flat, smooth surfaces, but can't be used to carry you up hills. 250w models only, 500w and 750w models throttles are unrestricted.


All our electric tricycles feature removable lithium-ion batteries. Unlike old-style batteries, lithium-ion batteries are low maintenance and should last around 10 years or 2,000 recharge cycles.