Mafiabikes Lagos Snakeskin 29" x 2.50 Tyres All-Terrain Wheelie Bike ORANGE (sold in pairs)

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Snakeskin: go fast, swerve hard Snakeskin tyres by Lagos, designed for MTB / STB / CRUISER bikes for high-velocity hi-impact street use. Features a 2.5” fat profile and tread for progressive grip increase the further you lean or swerve which is specifically weight engineered for combos The first tyre in the world to be designed specifically for wheelies. Lagos engineers looked to Nature for a potential tread pattern that would provide the most effective lateral ‘swerve’ grip. Not just a wheelie tyre, also perfect for all street/park use. 60 psi Manufactured in Taiwan by a major tyre brand to our design and specification. Available in 26/27.5/29” See sizes for current available colours, new colours coming soon

****Always check your bike for clearance before purchasing, these are fat 2.5” 64mm wide.