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SUPERNOVA M99 B54 MAX battery Light

With the B54 MAX, SUPERNOVA set a new record with a high beam of up to 3,000 lumens. 
Currently, it is one of the brightest bicycle front lights with German road approval (StVZO). The power of 30 high-performance LEDs in two separate optical systems provides perfect illumination. 
The battery-powered daytime running light features the latest technology and ensures maximum safety during the day. The backlit Supernova logo becomes visible as dusk approaches. 
The highly efficient low beam with only 5 W consumption is a welcome support on roads with oncoming traffic. 

A unique feature of this new development is that you can freely adjust all brightness levels of the low beam and high beam within legally specified limits. 
This means that the front light can be adapted for tough daily use on commutes and even for crossing a continent. 
The battery is perfectly protected in a full carbon housing and comes with a warranty of five years when using the long-life mode.

    A precise battery management controller integrated into the battery enables a minute-precise remaining light display for all brightness levels in the SUPERNOVA app, independent of the temperature. The status is displayed on the battery itself with an RGB LED. 

    Never stand in the dark again: Two hours of ECO low beam are always automatically available to you after the normal light time has expired. This mode is still significantly brighter than many other headlamps on the market.

    When you arrive home, you can simply leave your headlight on. An integrated vibration sensor detects the end of the ride and switches the light off by itself after a few minutes, so that your way out of the dark bike cellar still remains illuminated. 

    The light sensor in the battery enables intelligent activation of the low beam when darkness falls or there is a sudden change in light, for example when passing through a tunnel.

    The optimum charging temperature of a battery is around 20°C. Therefore, in our high-tech battery, as in a modern electric car, an integrated battery heater ensures the optimal charging temperature when it is too cold. If the temperature exceeds 40°C, charging is automatically prevented until the temperature has dropped again.

    If you do not use the battery for a longer period of time, you can simply put it into hibernation mode. It is then kept at optimum voltage on the charger. This almost completely stops the chemical ageing of the battery. Deep discharge is prevented.

    The long-life mode ensures a particularly long service life of the battery cells. In this mode, any overheating of the cells during the charging process is prevented by a special processor-controlled charge. The battery is only charged to 85% in this mode, which prolongs the service life. 

    • Housing dimensions front light: 42 x 85 x 52 mm
    • Housing dimensions battery: 97.6 x 46 x 50 mm
    • SUPERNOVA item number: W-B54MAX-MBLK
    Scope of delivery
    • 1x Front light
    • 1x B54 battery pack
    • 1x Universal HBM 31.8 mm handlebar mount
    • 1x Magnetic high beam switch with Micro Gold connector
    • 1x USH22-32: Universelle Tasterhalterung (ø 22 - 32 mm)
    • 1x Clamping ring small
    • 1x Clamping ring large
    • 1x B54-2A Charger: processor controlled fast charger, with EU plug
    • 1x Knurled screw for Universal HBM, with small retaining O-ring
    • 1x Velcro tape
    • 1x Self-adhesive foam pad for high beam switch
    • Waterproof plug-in connection with screwable strain relief.
    • Can be operated via the SUPERNOVA app.
    • The most important functions can also be operated without an app.
    • Free additional features through software updates improve the lighting system even after purchase.
    • Compatible with Garmin 530, 830 and 1030/1040 series


    Optics M99 Matrix reflector
    Color Black
    Weight Battery: 300 g (with cable), Front light: 190 g
    Switch Yes
    Light intensity, low beam 500 lm, 130 lx, 280 lm, 70 lx (ECO2 Modus), 80 lm, 10 lx (ECO1 Modus)
    Light intensity, high beam 2,000 lm, 300 lx, 3,000 lm, 450 lx (Max Modus), 2,450 lm, 350 lx (POWER Modus), 1,500 lm, 200 lx (ECO2 Modus), 900 lm, 140 lx (ECO1 Modus)
    Material Anodized aluminum, Carbon
    Mount Universal HBM (included)
    High beam Yes
    Energy source Rechargeable Battery
    Weight (net) 0.73 Kilogram
    Weight (gross) 1.0 Kilogram